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Repairs damaged phone cord. Replaces 4-prong plug or spade terminals on cord with a modular plug. For use in a modular phone system. Tools required: crimping tool, wire cutters.

  •  It connects 2 female RJ11 2 line phone plugs.
  • IDEAL CONNECTION: It is ideal for connecting modems and fax machines where the device is across a room from the wall jack.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENT: These telephone cords feature 6 position 4 conductor RJ11 connectors and four 28 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wires in each cord. The end connectors contacts are 50 micron gold plated which resist corrosion. The silver satin PVC jacket protects the cord from wear and tear.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE LENGTHS: Choose the length that fits your cable requirement. Neither too long to wrap extra wire in a coil, nor too short that fails to reach your connection point. Select the right length to avoid extra cluttering.

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